A Mothers Day Letter

Dear Mom,
Thank you for being so patient, encouraging and inspiring me every day. In the beginning you spent many days watching me explore, learn and grow. You laughed until you cried when I told my preschool teacher you were Cinderella. What could I say? You had blonde hair, blue eyes, pageant crowns and blue dresses. Plus, Cinderella was my favorite princess. What higher complement could there be at 5 years old? Thank you for buying me several pairs of ruby red slippers. Then wiping my tears when I realized I wasn’t Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz after all. Thank you for waking up at the crack of dawn to study the Bible. Little did you know, I watched you and you lead by example. Thank you for wiping my tears when he broke my heart. You are so strong. Thank you for supporting my dance career. You watched me dance a bazillion times and still wore your spirit wear. Thank you for being my Mom. I thank the Lord every day that I have an elegant, beautiful and faith filled mother in my life. I hope one day to be half the strong woman that you are.

Thank you Mom for all that you are!
Happy Mothers Day!