Here I am. Here I am at this point in my life.

I just graduated recently. Graduation was an outpouring of attention, pride and heartwarming thoughts sent from family I have only met a few times. Attention. I was asked questions I did not know the answer to…What college are you attending? What will your major be? Are you going to rush? Attention. Why didn’t anyone care to know what my favorite color was? I knew the answer to that.

Most people love receiving attention of any kind. Being shown attention can make a person feel valued, loved and important even if that person doesn’t prefer it. So while being given attention is great, it is fast fleeting. What happens when that attention leaves? What will be your reaction? Will you ever have the answers to Great Aunt Hope’s questions? Does it matter? Attention is one of the few things that everyone receives at some point in their life. People always treasure and value it but react in a million different ways.

Lately, the opposite of attention has been the common theme in my life; ignored, overlooked, forgotten. These are feelings most experience at some point in life as well. Cute guy doesn’t give you a second glance and new people pass up the handshake you offered. Being ignored can be hurtful and pity parties are very tempting. It feels like no one is watching all the time. What happens when no one is watching greatly affects your life and character.

Anyone can be a total rock star  when all eyes are on them but who are YOU when no one is looking?

When it feels like no one is watching, that’s when you become who God wants you to be. It says in God’s Word that “…when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you (Matthew 6:6).” This season that I am going though right now is purely a season to grow in my knowledge of God and His Holy Word.

Friends, God wants to show us that we have all His attention and all we need to find fulfillment and joy is in Him. Be encouraged today that we have a heavenly Father who is madly in love with us.