The moon goes through different lunar phases until it completes a cycle. The constant throughout all the lunar phases is that the moon stays the moon. What makes the phases is the perspective in which we view the moon. How much of it is visible to us all depends on where the moon is in relation to the sun and the earth. Recap…the moon never changes, only our perspective does.

Everyone goes through phases. The dark eyeliner phase, weather unawareness phase, Nickelback phase…you get it. Each phase has a purpose and teaches us a lesson. “It might be good to check the weather before heading to class” is what I learned from way back in the day from my weather unawareness phase. I never changed through this phase. I didn’t become a different person, my perspective was altered. I didn’t have the right perspective because I did not take the time to check what the weather was going to be that day. Perspective matters and it’s what keeps us from showing up in a winter jacket in triple digit weather.

Phases are normal and to be expected. We ourselves don’t change. Our perspective does. That’s what makes us grow.